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Be an intuitive entrepreneur in the digital age

In the digital age, entrepreneurs must shift from analytical thinking to intuitive problem-solving. Harness alpha brainwaves, enter a flow state, and unlock creativity to outpace AI.

David Bernstein
David Bernstein
May 3, 2023
Entrepreneurship is entering the digital age
Entrepreneurship is entering the digital age

What if the way you think and problem-solve is about to become redundant? Not that it hasn’t been working for you, but ask yourself, will it remain effective as entrepreneurship enters the digital age?

With innovations in technology designed to think for you, how does the human mind offer something different? Let’s explore how to think differently, access different parts of our minds, and enter a state of problem-solving that can beat the digital age.

What the digital age means for you

With the digital age fast approaching, we are at the beginning of a whole new way of thinking about business. With AI (artificial intelligence) becoming more ubiquitous, flesh-and-blood critical thinkers need to explore different kinds of intelligence to keep up. When it comes to developing analytical, logical, process-driven solutions - AI can do it faster and cheaper.

What does this mean to entrepreneurs who are at their core, problem-solvers?

Think differently. What if problem-solving didn’t need to be analytical, logical, or process-driven - but intuitive?

Change your brain

Traditional problem-solving proficiency has long been believed to be a result of a beta brain state. This pushes hyper-focus, allowing one to lock into, look for, and build the required solution. But this approach is limited, it lacks creativity and is rigid - much like AI.

An entrepreneur in the digital age must instead tap into alpha brainwaves, accessing a distinctly intuitive approach to problem-solving. Alpha brainwaves register in your mind as a state of wakeful sleep, meaning your mind is calm and thoughts fluid, even when problem-solving. Beat the digital age by rewiring your way of thinking, accessing alpha brainwaves, and unlocking your flow state.

Enter your flow state

The flow state unlocks the full potential of human intuition. Allowing for a calm state of mind where thinking is concentrated and clear. This is a dynamic system that disrupts traditional thinking. Problem-solving becomes less stressful, more natural, and more potent. To enter this state, there of four keystones to adhere to.

  1. Care about the work. This promotes investment and motivates you throughout.
  2. Do something you naturally excel in.  Playing to your strengths keeps you calm and the ideas flowing.
  3. Find your optimal challenge level. Tasks should excite but not overwhelm.  
  4. Be focused on the practice of doing the task.  Do not get hung up on the output or end state, enjoy the grind.

When a task has your full interest and attention, you are prepped to creatively problem-solve and solutions flow calmly. Below are further suggestions to fully access the potential of your flow state.

  1. Immediately select the most important, optimal challenge and work on that. So much of what holds us back in a day can be the perception of being overwhelmed. Often, small problems that cause distress, can be solved by simply tackling the biggest problem in the room.
  2. Develop a ritualistic approach to working through tasks. By being consistent, your ability to problem-solve and maintain your workflow is improved. This is not easy at first and it is not meant to be. But the long-term rewards are undeniable. Thrive in the process and the result is assured.
  3. Get to know your flow state. People experience clarity, concentration, and a balanced head-space at different times. If you are a night owl, choose to be productive then. An early riser? That is when you need to enter your flow state.
  4. Do not allow yourself to get distracted. In the modern world, things pull our attention away from what matters. And to an entrepreneur, what matters is innovating and solving new problems. Focus on that, and get off social media.

To be an entrepreneur in the digital age, we cannot rely on old ways of thinking. We must redefine what it means to problem-solve; creatively and intuitively entering the age of the flow state.