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Park Feature - Allandale Exchange

Discover Allandale Exchange, a vibrant business park boosting productivity with superior amenities and a strategic location.

David Bernstein
David Bernstein
June 26, 2023
Aerial view of Allandale Exchange
Aerial view of Allandale Exchange

Starting out as a hub for trade and cross-cultural settlement, Halfway House’s history is rich, diverse, and engaging. As the modern Allandale Exchange enters its Inospace era, we bring this spirit with us.

Midrand: A melting pot of cultures

This park is located in Halfway House in Midrand, Johannesburg. And the area’s founding is a story of trade, travel, and cultures coming together to form this now diverse and dynamic suburb.

Midrand started as the independent town of Halfway House in the late 1800s, identified as the halfway point in the travel and trade route between Pretoria and Johannesburg. But in the over 100 years since its inception, the area has grown and modernised significantly.

Due to the area being a thoroughfare for trade and travel, it became a melting pot of different cultures, shown in the many amazing tourist attractions in the area. Near Morkels Close, the street that Allandale Exchange is located on, lies the Nizamiye Mosque. Its architecture has been adopted from the 16th-century Ottoman Selimiye Mosque located in Turkey, and it’s a sight to behold. Another interesting sight is the Madhya Kailash Temple, with its colourful exterior that invites visitors from all over.

Nizamiye Mosque and Madhya Kailash Temple

Allandale Exchange: Cross-cultural manufacturing hub

Halfway House’s foundation of being a trade route and a hub for diverse settlement is relevant to the culture of Allandale Exchange, one of our newest serviced logistics parks.  Located in a bustling business node along the M1 highway, the area is growing and modernising at a rapid pace due to its excellent highway links.

The park itself is made up of 100 industrial spaces that are ideal for small warehousing, logistics, storage, and light manufacturing. The units boast a modern and industrial look, with an entrance area, and ample parking. Some even have double-volume heights and upstairs offices looking into the warehouse.

The park is known to be safe, quiet, accessible, and clean. Visitors to the park are wowed by the diverse and practical specialty businesses found in just one area and are happy to return due to the ease of the location.

The park's client base is a diverse group of different types of crafters and manufacturers. Here is a spotlight on just a few of the industry-leading, jet-setters that call Allandale Exchange home.

Here to steer our new, modern, cross-cultural park into its Inospace era is one of our youngest and most innovative park managers, Chane du Plessis.

Park Manager: Chane