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Introducing logistics-ready workspaces tailored for your growing e-commerce business

Inospace is starting the year with an exciting announcement: introducing our newest product – work, store, and ship all from one place. Read on for more.

Remy de Villiers
Remy de Villiers
January 10, 2024
Inospace workspaces
Work, store and ship all from a logitics-ready workspace
Work, store and ship all from a logitics-ready workspace

Introducing our logistics-ready workspaces – an all-in-one solution tailored for small e-commerce businesses on the rise, offering convenience and efficiency starting at just R2 420 per month. While our recently launched Inospace Fulfilment provides outsourcing options, this unified workspace, storage, and shipping solution empowers you to remain hands-on, making it the perfect next step for your growing e-commerce venture.

Inospace CEO, Rael Levitt, explains the motivation behind these innovative offerings: "We created these workspaces to empower small e-commerce entrepreneurs. Our aim is to provide them with cost-effective, scalable solutions for product storage and order fulfilment. This offering is specifically designed to tackle the logistics challenges these startups face, giving them a strong foundation to grow and succeed in the rapidly growing e-commerce landscape."

How these workspaces can boost your e-commerce operations

Streamlined operations

Logistics-ready workspaces are an innovative concept that combines your office, storage, and shipping operations into one streamlined space. This means you can manage everything from customer service to packing and shipping under one roof, making your day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient.

Inospace COO, Jacques Weber, highlights the evolving market needs: "Over the past few years, we have witnessed a significant shift in consumer purchasing behavior, with a substantial increase in online e-commerce transactions. Consequently, this shift has altered businesses' space requirements and its utilization. The storage and direct-to-consumer distribution of goods are rapidly becoming the standard approach to consumer fulfillment. In response to this evolving demand, we have adapted by offering our clients the capability to fulfill their customers' needs through our Pick and Pack facility."

Simplified workflow

Examples of our new workspaces offering

The core of our logistics-ready workspaces are their ability to simplify your workflow. You get a dedicated workspace that’s equipped with everything you need to run your e-commerce operations – power, WiFi, and private CCTV.

What’s more, you also get onsite access to logistics support, packing stations, logistics equipment, scheduled courier pick-ups, and more. With everything consolidated, you can cut expenses, streamline logistics, and save time, allowing you to focus on expanding your customer base and growing your business.

Jodi Sher, Inospace's Chief Marketing & Product Officer, emphasizes the solution's core benefit: 'Inospace is solving the very real, tangible pain points of logistics for small business owners so they can focus on growth.

Security and flexibility

Ease of logistics is just the beginning. We understand that security and flexibility are crucial for your business. That’s why our logistics-ready workspaces offer 24/7 access, along with top-notch security measures like private CCTV monitoring and on-site security patrols. This ensures that you can work in a safe environment at any hour that suits you, giving you the freedom to operate on your own schedule.

Access to Inospace benefits

With your logistics-ready workspace, you immediately get access to all Inospace benefits which includes access to our business hubs which come equipped with meeting rooms, work pods, and pause areas – perfect for networking, collaborating, and meeting with your clients and suppliers. Additionally, when you sign your lease you become an Inocircle member which gives you access to an online marketplace, exclusive offers. and much more.

Flexible leases

Often when taking the next step for your growing e-commerce business, the biggest concern is making a fixed long term commitment. Our logistics-ready workspaces allow you to take advantage of our innovative lease agreements. The InoLease takes the stress and risk out of making fixed long term commitments and puts the choice back in your hands. Our flexible lease terms include a host of innovative features including on demand leasing as well as unique lease exit options. Meaning you can commit for now, not forever, and scale as you need to.

Unlocking efficiency

Our workspaces are located in Maitland, Cape Town

With our logistics-ready workspaces you’re not just finding a new space for your business; you’re unlocking a more streamlined, efficient way to operate. It’s a shift towards a more integrated, self-managed approach, giving you the control and freedom to grow your business your way in an environment primed to support you on your journey.