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What is a serviced logistics park?

Inospace's serviced logistics parks offer e-commerce and logistics businesses more than just space - they offer delivery support, equipment, and facilities to boost efficiency and growth.

David Bernstein
David Bernstein
April 29, 2024
Inospace's serviced logistics parks
Inospace's serviced logistics parks offer value added benefits to help entrepreneurs grow their business
Inospace's serviced logistics parks offer value added benefits to help entrepreneurs grow their business

In 2022, Inospace started using the term ‘serviced logistics park’, a term that was new to many. Recognising that this shift has left many of our clients curious as to what exactly a serviced logistics park entails, we wanted to shed some light on the subject.

To help you understand why a serviced logistics park can be a game-changer for your business, we've prepared a series of Q&As:

1. What exactly is a serviced logistics park?

A serviced logistics park goes beyond just offering space; it's specifically designed for e-commerce and logistics businesses, providing delivery support, logistics equipment, and on-site Park Managers, along with shared facilities designed to help your business. Unlike traditional parks, it delivers services and infrastructure that help your business operate more efficiently and grow faster.

2. What types of spaces are available in serviced logistics parks for different business needs?

You'll find a diverse range of spaces in a serviced logistics park: offices for administrative tasks, warehouses for storage and distribution, industrial spaces for manufacturing, and retail areas for direct sales. These parks stand out for their adaptability, allowing spaces to be customised or scaled to match the evolving needs of your business, from startups to large enterprises.

3. How can my business benefit from being in a serviced logistics park?

Positioned in key industrial nodes, these parks offer easy access to major transport routes and business hubs, optimising last-mile logistics delivery. Beyond strategic location, benefits include enhanced security, on-site assistance, and networking opportunities. The availability of shared resources and amenities lets your business concentrate on growth and innovation in a supportive environment.

4. How can my business really take advantage of everything a serviced logistics park offers?

Maximise the park's e-commerce and logistics infrastructure to streamline your operations, shifting focus towards sales and expansion. Make the most of the shared spaces like tech-equipped meeting rooms, networking spaces, work pods with free WiFi, and shared kitchens, designed to fulfil business needs.

5. What makes Inospace a standout serviced logistics park?

Inospace is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for small and medium enterprises, with customisable office, industrial, and storage spaces available on flexible leases. Our parks feature staffed facilities, including business hubs with meeting rooms, free WiFi, workpods, pause areas, and kitchenettes. For logistics businesses, we offer logistics hubs equipped with coordinators, courier zones, and essential handling equipment. Access to our online platform, Inocircle, provides cost-saving deals and convenient services, supporting your business's growth and expansion needs.

6. What impact do the facilities and services at Inospace have on my business?

Choosing Inospace means more than securing space; it's about gaining enhanced security, professional management, and access to business hubs in major cities, all of which can significantly lower operational costs. These benefits are aimed at elevating your efficiency and helping you maintain a professional image, without adding to your financial burden.

7. Do all of Inospace’s added services mean higher costs for my business?

Opting for Inospace brings valuable cost savings rather than additional expenses. With security, maintenance, and access to business hubs included, you'll save on overheads like meeting room rentals and WiFi. This approach ensures you can enjoy a range of services without concern over increasing costs, allowing your business to access a wide array of benefits while keeping expenses in check.

Watch the video below to learn more about life at our serviced logistics parks