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Understanding your lease: payments, schedules, and more

Gain insights into lease payments, schedules, and more with Inospace. Demystify the financial side of leasing for a transparent experience.

Remy de Villiers
Remy de Villiers
March 25, 2024
Inospace financial insights: Understand lease payments, schedules, and more for transparent leasing experience.
Understanding lease payments and schedules will lead to a smoother leasing experience
Understanding lease payments and schedules will lead to a smoother leasing experience

When it comes to leasing, understanding the financial and payment aspects is key to a smooth and transparent experience. At Inospace, we aim to equip our clients with the knowledge they need about payment schedules, the significance of debit orders, how rental increases work, and the additional costs that come with leasing such as electricity, water, and agent’s commission. Our approach is to demystify the financial side of leasing, making it as accessible and comprehensible as possible while maintaining the high standard of clarity and simplicity in our communication.

Flexible payment options

Inospace understands the importance of flexibility in financial transactions. That’s why, in addition to offering flexible payment schedules to suit the diverse needs of our clients, we also accept payments via debit order and card. This variety ensures that you can choose the payment method that best fits your convenience and financial management style. Automating payments through debit orders can help avoid late payments, while paying by card offers another layer of flexibility and immediacy.

The Inocircle platform: your leasing hub

You can access your payment information, special offers and more on the Inocircle

We recognise the importance of having easy access to your account information and being able to manage your leasing details efficiently. That’s where our Inocircle platform comes into play. Inocircle is a comprehensive online hub where you can access all your account information, receive invoices and statements, and log queries. This digital tool is designed to make your leasing experience with Inospace as smooth and transparent as possible, ensuring you have all the resources you need at your fingertips.

Understanding rental increases and additional costs

Most of our spaces have an electricity meter

Although it’s common practice in the industry, Inospace clients do not pay any agent commission fees. However, rental increases are a standard aspect of leasing agreements, typically aligned with inflation rates and market conditions. At Inospace, we value transparency above all, ensuring any potential rental increases are communicated clearly and in advance. Being informed about how rental increases work enables better financial planning and helps avoid any unexpected surprises.

Leasing also involves some additional costs, such as electricity, water, and waste management. These costs are clearly outlined in our agreements, with utilities like electricity and water being based on your actual usage. This ensures you only pay for what you consume, aligning with our commitment to transparency and fairness.

A commitment to transparency and flexibility

Inospace is dedicated to offering a leasing experience that is both transparent and flexible. While our pay-as-you-go option is available, it's just one part of our comprehensive approach to leasing. Our main goal is to ensure that all financial commitments are clear from the outset, allowing for effective budgeting and planning.

Our flexible payment options, including the ability to pay by card and the convenience offered by the Inocircle platform, are testament to our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. Whether you’re managing monthly budgets or planning for future growth, Inospace is here to provide a supportive and straightforward leasing solution.


At Inospace, we believe in empowering our clients with clear and concise information about the financial and payment aspects of leasing. By offering a variety of payment options, clear communication on rental increases, and a transparent overview of additional costs, we aim to make leasing as straightforward and understandable as possible. Through our Inocircle platform, we also ensure that you have easy access to all your leasing information, further simplifying the management of your lease. With Inospace, you can navigate the financial considerations of leasing with confidence, backed by a commitment to flexibility and transparency.