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Inospace Fulfilment & Cafféluxe, A partnership brewed to perfection

Cafféluxe teamed up with Inospace for efficient e-commerce fulfillment, ensuring seamless integration, smart logistics, and error-free orders, enhancing their customer experience.

Dean Venske
Dean Venske
September 13, 2023
Inospace Fulfilment & Outsourced Warehousing
Dean Venske (Inospace Fulfilment) and Kevin Katz (Cafféluxe)
Dean Venske (Inospace Fulfilment) and Kevin Katz (Cafféluxe)

Cafféluxe Approach Inospace to Run their Fulfilment

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, delivering an impeccable customer experience is crucial. For a brand like Cafféluxe, selling via multiple channels adds complexity to their supply chain which is extrapolated by the high demands of the last-mile delivery process.

Cafféluxe had traditionally kept complete control over their warehouse operations and fulfilment. When Inospace Fulfilment launched their fulfilment solution within the Inospace Island Works facility, Kevin from Cafféluxe took the opportunity to explore the outsourced warehousing and fulfilment solution. The ability to consolidate all facets of his business, namely head office and administration, manufacturing, and now a fulfilment partner all under a single roof was unique to Inospace.

"Partnering with Inospace Fulfilment has been a game-changer. Their tech-forward approach has taken the weight of logistics off our shoulders, allowing us to concentrate solely on our passion: growing and enhancing the Cafféluxe brand. It's more than a partnership; it's a commitment to excellence that lets us thrive in what we do best." Kevin Katz, Cafféluxe.

Cafféluxe now store all of their products in Inospace's fulfilment warehouse

The Inospace Fulfilment Difference

The Inospace team effectively implemented several operational enhancements that aimed to elevate the fulfilment process and overall customer experience when ordering from their preferred coffee supplier.

Shopify API Integration: The robust native integrations enable a quick and seamless link to ensure that orders are transferred to the warehouse team promptly. As soon as an order is confirmed as paid on Shopify the details are transferred in real-time to the fulfilment team.

Integrated Waybill Creation: By having an integrated waybill creation system, the administrative work behind shipping was expedited. This eliminated potential manual errors, ensured accurate tracking information for customers, removed excess paper, and resulted in a far sexier looking package delivered to door.

Same-Day Dispatch: A massive win for any e-commerce or product-driven business. By guaranteeing same-day dispatch for all orders received before 3 pm, Cafféluxe showcased their commitment to swift delivery. For the customer, this means faster arrival times, enhancing overall satisfaction with the brand.

Efficient Packaging Process: A refined packaging process ensures that products are not only safely packed but are also done so in an environmentally and economically efficient manner. This cuts down on wastage, reduces packaging costs, and ensures products arrive in pristine condition and ready for an unboxing photoshoot.

Double Verification Scan: Mistakes in order fulfilment can be a costly affair, both financially and for the brand reputation. The double verification scan implemented ensures that each order undergoes two separate checks. This rigorous system guarantees that the correct item is picked and packed every time.

Zero Incorrectly Packed Orders: The proof is in the brew! The efficiency and reliability of Inospace’s fulfilment process is evident in their flawless record. By celebrating zero incorrectly packed orders, Inospace has:

  • Reduced potential returns: This means Cafféluxe saves on shipping and processing costs related to returns.
  • Minimized customer dissatisfaction: Errors in order deliveries can lead to significant customer dissatisfaction. By eliminating this, customer trust and brand loyalty are reinforced.
  • Ensured timely deliveries: When orders are packed correctly the first time, it means no delays due to repacking or re-shipping, ensuring that customers consistently receive their morning coffee without interruptions.
Inospace's fulfilment warehouse

Inospace Fulfilment Benefits

Overall, Cafféluxe collaboration with Inospace Fulfilment has not just improved their backend operations but has directly enhanced the end consumer's experience. This alliance represents the convergence of technology and operational excellence, culminating in unmatched service delivery.

The recipe for success can be summarized simply under some of the key features of the Fulfilment offering:

  1. Seamless integration. We offer native integrations into multiple e-commerce platforms.
  2. Smart Logistics. We know logistics, we know the right suppliers, and we know how to get the right pricing. We immediately implemented a strategic shipping methodology that reduced the cost per order as well as reduced the overall delivery lead time.
  3. Precision picking. The double-scan system meant zero packing errors. Access to a world class warehouse management system without having to outlay all the capital.
  4. Stock Visibility. With real-time stock insights, no more awkward conversations about out-of-stock items.
  5. Resource Empowerment. Get your key staff away from daily queries and fulfilment tasks and onto where they should be focussed, growing the business.
  6. Take A Lot specialists. By partnering with the right partners there have been no missed delivery appointments, packages are correctly barcoded, and stickers and the delivery charges are optimised.

In the end, every challenge presents an opportunity. For Cafféluxe, it was the chance to redefine success, one perfectly fulfilled order at a time. For Inospace, it was the opportunity to partner with a forward-thinking brand like Cafféluxe and dive deep into building solutions!

To learn more about how Inospace's fulfilment offering can help your business grow, watch the video below.